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Growing Groups into Teams

Real-life stories of people who get results and thrive together.

Whether you are a team member, leader, investor, customer, or community member, much of your happiness, health, and wealth depends on the success of teams.

While we all want amazing teams, most organizations tolerate many teams that are not exactly amazing. In fact, many mediocre “teams” aren’t actually teams. They’re groups of task-doers.

When people work in a group, each person has their own set of tasks, and they’re focused on doing their own work. When we shift to becoming a team, it’s the team performance that counts.

An amazing team is one that makes a shared promise with observable outcomes, navigates challenges together, and creates valuable results, with each team member supported.

That’s why the team at Altus gathered decades of experience working with teams of all shapes, sizes, and types to help you improve the quality of the teams with which you work and interact.

Every group has the potential to become an amazing team. In this book, we explain how.

In this book, you’ll learn about the ten essential elements to building a strong, high performing team, and why conversations are so critical to each of these elements.

You’ll meet teams from around the world who overcame the challenges before them to become powerful teams that were key to their organizations’ successes. You’ll learn about trust, relationships, the power of diversity, the value of cross-generational teams, how to unite remote leaders into teams—and more.

What does it take to have an amazing team?

How do you turn a group of individuals into a highly effective, productive team? Growing Groups into Teams is an unusually useful book about teams, written by a team that has helped thousands of groups become effective teams.

Through real-life stories combined with pragmatic advice, this book strengthens your ability to see what’s needed and take effective action:

  • What two promises turn a group into a team.
  • How to engage people to make those promises.
  • How to invite responsibility and accountability.
  • How to include and inspire people across differences.
  • How to build and rebuild trust, and more!

Regardless of how productive your teams are today, the insights in this book will help you grow to the next level to drive your business or organization forward.

Praise for Growing Groups into Teams

“Growing Groups into Teams arrived at the right time for me. The practical advice and real-life examples offered in the book helped me understand underlying issues and gave me concrete steps to take to improve our situation. I recommend this book for every company and organization at the growth stage who may be wondering why they’re not getting the results they expect—despite hiring more people.”
Congyu Li
CTO & co-founder, StoreHub
“Growing Groups into Teams is an important book, and easy to read, too. This is the guide so many teams have needed. Working with Altus truly makes a difference, and this book lays the groundwork for making teams of all kinds more successful.”
Tim Moore
CTO, Allogene Therapeutics

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Through our work, we’ve found that people often view teams in ways that don’t help those teams improve. Often, people use the word team for a group of job roles with related tasks—rather than a set of people who jointly hold a promise to create a defined result.


The team at Altus Growth Partners has helped companies, governments, and NGOs around the world succeed in creating amazing teams that produce results that matter and energize their members—even when the work is hard and the circumstances challenging. We’ve strengthened senior teams from Los Angeles to London, Boston to Bangalore, Toronto to Kuala Lumpur, and more.

How do you create extraordinary and meaningful outcomes that take care of people, your organization and the future you care about? We at Altus believe all results, those that you want and those that you don’t, are generated by conversations.

About the Authors

Pam Fox Rollin and Kobe Bogaert
Lead co-Authors

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