🌟Brave Action: Calling All Leaders🌟

Bravely continuing our conversation about human beings. 🌟

Last week, several of us shared feeling crunchy and irritated by how others show up. As brave leaders, taking action to improve the world at work and in our social environments is crucial. Leading entails creating opportunities for new futures to rise amidst Disruptive Forces.

As my dad wisely said, “People will tell us who they are, and it’s our job to listen and act based on what we know, see, and hear from them.” Are we attuning our observations to the harm?

Here are a few actions we can all take:

– Embrace Our Differences with Curiosity and Empathy: Celebrate unique perspectives and experiences, actively listen, and seek to understand. 🌍💬💞

– Foster Collaboration and Collective Problem-Solving: Unite in local and global communities to turn shared challenges into opportunities for innovation and growth. 🌍🤝🔬

– Cultivate a Mindset of Abundance, Joy, Legitimacy, and Responsibility: Start with gratitude, recognizing success, love, and happiness to shift focus from competition to collaboration. Let’s uplift one another and create a world of belonging and thriving. 💖🌱🌍

Let’s take these brave actions together! 🚀

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