Am I happy that I have a team? Heck yes.

We launched our bestselling book “Growing Groups into Teams” three weeks ago, and it has been a whirlwind of marketing activity, book launch event, book presentations, and all this on top of the ‘normal’ work we do, i.e., helping organizations build amazing and high performing teams.

My team has allowed us to keep going so that when one is busy, the other steps in seamlessly, joyfully, and excitedly.

That is why I am proud to present the team that worked on this book and made this book what we are so proud of today. Each person was critical to this book’s success, and I am proud to be on this team with them. Pam Fox RollinAmy Vodarek, MScN, Jan Irene MillerDan WinterHeather NeelySteven Jones, Ph.D.Juliana VergaraSameer DuaSailaja ManachaSheeja Shaju, and Maribell Gonzalez E, PCCAndrea L. Bordenca with lots of support and inspiration from Bob Dunham#GrowingGroupsIntoTeams

If you wonder how you can build a team that has each other’s back, has fun producing results even if they are difficult at times, and has plenty of joy while doing it, I can highly recommend this book, as it will provide an insight as to where you can start to build an amazing team.

If you are curious about our take and want to get the inside edition, join us in an interactive webinar. I invite you to this book launch celebration, where you get to interact with the authors, ask questions, and be part of a real live conversation.

Date: November 9, 2023 – noon PST, 3:00 pm EST; November 10,2023 – 7:00 am Melbourne/AEDT

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