About the Authors

This is a book about teams that was written by a real-life high performing team. Meet our authors.

Altus Principals

Kobe Bogaert, MBA works with senior executives and leadership teams of private and public companies in the US and Europe. With his Altus Growth Partners team, Kobe guides technology, biotech, distribution, manufacturing, and professional service companies through strategy development, executive team development, high stakes conflict resolution, leadership development, organizational culture, and business process development. Kobe’s ability to question client assumptions allows them to experience extraordinary growth for themselves, their teams, and their organizations.

Pam Fox Rollin, MBA coaches senior executives and top teams in Silicon Valley and globally. Pam guides technology, biopharma, and healthcare organizations to succeed in strategic transformation, executive development, acquisition integration, and culture change. Her book, 42 Rules for Your New Leadership Role, is described as an indispensable guide for leaders at all levels. Pam loves to make a difference where highly capable people are thinking through their most consequential strategic and organizational opportunities.

Amy Vodarek, MScN, PCC, NCC coaches executives, senior leaders, and founders in healthcare, health technology, and social impact sectors. Amy helps clients align their strategic initiatives to advance their vision. She also guides women executives and founders to expand their effectiveness and impact as host of The Feminine Edge Podcast and co-author of Good Enough: Embrace who you are. Unleash Your Brilliance. Amy is passionate about helping visionary women leaders leverage their unique strengths and advance their bold ideas for change.

Dan Winter, MBA, MS works with successful leaders around the world facing their most challenging situations to generate fresh insights and innovative approaches to reach new levels of results. His diverse, international clients have leveraged his deep expertise in coaching, team and organization development, strategy, and culture change to thrive in dynamic markets and create high-performing, inclusive cultures as they capitalize on global opportunities.

Heather Neely, MA partners with senior executives and teams across the globe in biotech, high tech, and the entertainment industry with one mission in mind: to help people and organizations produce desired results. There is an art and science to generating high performance, and Heather is passionate about revealing the mystery of effective actions in teams and systems. Heather’s approach allows leaders to access their strengths, build effective relationships on teams, speak powerfully, and take appropriate action.

Jan Irene Miller, MBA coaches executive teams as they focus on strategic transformation and self-development to create powerful leaders of the future. Her twenty years growing and managing global professional service technology teams have shaped her abilities to support diverse, dispersed teams of professionals. Jan Irene is an artist, certified somatic and executive coach, coach supervisor, and steward of her 220-acre woodlands, offering a place for learning and connecting with nature and all that sustains life.

Juliana Vergara, PCC, MS Clinical Psychology coaches senior and emerging leaders in both the United States and Latin America. Her passion for leadership development and intentional growth has led her to impact the careers and lives of the people
she coaches. Juliana’s clients have experienced significant transformation, based on better understanding of themselves, who they lead, and what matters to them. She deeply cares about creating a world where people play bigger games without sacrificing their well-being.

Steven E. Jones, PhD is an executive coach, advisor, and consultant who works with US and international leaders. Steven inspires and guides leaders across systems to navigate cultural transformation. He partners with executives and their teams to build organizational cultures that increase value, improve lives, and expand the capacity of communities to achieve outcomes that transform challenges into opportunities. Steven merges wisdom, care, results-based leadership, and generative distinctions to engage the whole person in building practices to thrive.

Altus Colleagues

Andrea Bordenca is an entrepreneur, executive coach, and youth and adult leadership educator. Andrea serves as CEO of the Institute for Generative
Leadership USA, CEO and chairperson of DESCO Service, founder of Lead Yourself Youth, principal of Venture Way Collaborative, and co-founder of The Women’s Collaborative.
Andrea thrives when people of all ages, races, and genders are in dialogue together. She believes that the only way toward systemic change is by bringing all community stakeholders together to create change together.

Maribell González, PCC is an entrepreneur, executive coach and consultant, and coach educator. She serves as CEO of the Institute for Generative Leadership for Latin America, leading teams and projects in more than 12 countries. Maribell helps leaders create safe spaces that help them and their teams to free their potential and create new results with dignity and be- longing. She is also passionate about guiding teams and individuals in finding their purpose and healing relationships and conversations to create healthy cultures.

Sailaja Manacha, TSTA (Psychotherapy), PCC coaches senior executives in India and globally. Her clients include technology and healthcare companies, where she facilitates leaders to hone their relational intelligence for impact and influence with their teams and key stakeholders. She has a special focus on the growth of women leaders, and her book Step Up was a #1 best seller on Amazon. Sai is passionate about leaders and teams reaching their goals through self-mastery and productive relationships.

Sameer Dua, MCom recognized amongst the top 30 emerging thinkers of the world by Thinkers50, is a best-selling author, a coach for leading coaches and global business leaders, founder of the London Business Literature Festival and the Gift Your Organ Foundation, and has over 30 years’ experience in management and leadership education. Sameer is the CEO of the Institute for Generative Leadership (UK and Asia) and previously ran management institutes in six cities of India and the UK, with students from 52 different countries.

Sheeja Shaju, MS guides corporate executives, business owners, and emerging talent to make and deliver bigger promises through her company, I Create. For eight years, Sheeja led programs and coached for Institute for Generative Leadership-Asia, and worked as Director of Learning and Somatics. She has 25 years of experience as a coach and trainer in such companies as Hershey, Cummins, Siemens, BMC Software, Mercedes Benz, and Kohler.


Pam Partington, the creative director and designer at P2, excels in illustration, brand design, and strategy for small businesses and startups. As a co-owner of Realistic Agency, she offers services in brand strategy, marketing, design, e-commerce, and UX/UI for CPG and B2B. Collaborating with diverse clients, from startups to global leaders, Pam transforms ideas into captivating visuals. Believing in visuals’ power for inclusivity, she empowers clients for scalable success, ensuring they’re genuinely seen, heard, and understood.

Praise for Growing Groups into Teams

“Growing Groups into Teams arrived at the right time for me. The practical advice and real-life examples offered in the book helped me understand underlying issues and gave me concrete steps to take to improve our situation. I recommend this book for every company and organization at the growth stage who may be wondering why they’re not getting the results they expect—despite hiring more people.”
Congyu Li
CTO & co-founder, StoreHub
“Growing Groups into Teams is an important book, and easy to read, too. This is the guide so many teams have needed. Working with Altus truly makes a difference, and this book lays the groundwork for making teams of all kinds more successful.”
Tim Moore
CTO, Allogene Therapeutics
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