Bravely Growing Groups into Teams

Teams are the promise of new futures. Over the years, I have watched groups collectively join into teams large and small, creating large-scale results for communities, states, and Nations.

Diverse teams are the realization of next-level promises. They hold and create possibilities because they bring together voices, strength, and care that expand upon seeing needs and are knowledgeable about realities that can improve lives.

These teams are promises where people come together, join in building trust, and work through breakdowns to achieve outcomes that improve and create pathways to innovation.

On Teams, people lead from wherever they sit and stand. They bring the fullness of their observer to the moment and apply their collective strengths.

3 of my favorite aspects of teams that work
1. They achieve results together.

2. They increasingly create ways to belong through listening, caring, and building trust in action.

3. They thrive by engaging in practice —learning and playing together in conversations and activities that support all becoming clearer about the value each holds.

Are you developing moves to extend yourself and engage team members of color and culture so all thrive collectively?

Over the years, I’ve watched teams create results because they align to take action together. Share a mutuality of care. They have to have conversations that turn into powerful strategies and moves.

They actively create conversations that move conversations forward and address conflicts and disagreements by moving in the same direction while building connections with each other—growing knowledge of each other and their strengths, talents, and the gifts of their contributions.

Finally, they learn from each other growing skills, bringing energy through their generous approaches to playing and learning.

What brings you joy in being a part of a team?

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