Learning Groups Into Teams

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of leading a 30-minute plenary for the National Geographic Society leadership program. It was a thrill to be with these leaders who care so much about our planet and are committed to their organization’s promise.

I got to talk to them about growing teams and seeing the bigger picture. Here are a few comments about our time together.

+ It helps me see the Gaps.
+ Polls 💜 Positive Attributes of Teams
+ Encouraging, how many boxes I checked for team attributes that my team has
+ I really liked the connection between how groups are not the same as teams and my team’s number of positive attributes.
+ Challenged by organization = promise and team delivering the organization’s promise
+ I want to explore more how to integrate this into a culture of thinking about TOMORROW and executing TODAY.

Special thanks to Dr. Philipia Hillman and Jennifer Vanmeter for inviting me to join them.

#GrowingGroupsntoTeams #generative

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