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Growing Groups into Teams

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Whether you are a team member, leader, investor, customer, or community member, much of your happiness, health, and wealth depends on the success of teams. However, most organizations tolerate many teams that aren’t exactly amazing. In fact, many mediocre “teams” aren’t actually teams—they’re groups of people focused on doing tasks.

In Growing Groups into Teams, the team from Altus Growth Partners identifies the ten essential elements to build a strong high-performing team, while taking the reader on a tour of successful teams among many cultures around the world. The goal is to build the ability to observe teams, to think and act with new perspectives, and to work within your own teams in ways that produce transformative results.

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The team at Altus Growth Partners has helped companies, governments, and NGOs around the world succeed in creating amazing teams that produce results that matter and energize their members—even when the work is hard and the circumstances challenging. We’ve strengthened senior teams from Los Angeles to London, Boston to Bangalore, Toronto to Kuala Lumpur, and more.

How do you create extraordinary and meaningful outcomes that take care of people, your organization and the future you care about? We at Altus believe all results, those that you want and those that you don’t, are generated by conversations.

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