Teams Celebrate, Remember & Grow

We wrote Growing Groups into Teams to share what we found in building our team.

In our book, we share our care for leaders and the people they hold.

Last week, we joined for our 3rd conference, coming together to

* πŸ”— Connect in our care 
* 🎊 Celebrate with clients, colleagues, and friends

* πŸ’‘ Revitalize through conversations and 
* β˜€οΈ Deepen our connections as we align

Are you planning and engaging to rejuvenate and build joint futures?

Our team, like yours, is a living, breathing body of people who care to bring excellence to all we do. We are in service companies, governments, organizations, communities, and people.

We spent time discussing our values, laughing, talking, and engaging. Together, we consistently navigate the challenges and opportunities that build on our values through plans, decisions, and strategy. 

The images are examples of our celebration of life, our book event with clients and friends, and our remembrance of our colleague Mark Smith Sacks, who transitioned this year.Β 

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