The Power of Possible

This is the power of the possible.

This is generative!

Our book represents more than the words on the pages, chapters and authors. It represents a community of learners, coaches, and leaders, drawn to a body of work with generative distinctions and embodied practices to create the future.

To learn to bring our attention to and keep ever present in our lives and work the question “What do you care about?

Our book #GrowingGroupsintoTeams would not be possible without our teacher, Bob Dunham and the coaching team and colleagues in our learning community at the Institute for Generative Leadership.

At Altus Growth Partners we want to help you generate a better future.
We are sharing with you what we’ve learned through our generative path and work with leaders and teams.
So you can take care of what you care about.
What your team cares about. Your organization.
The world.

Get your copy of Growing Groups into Teams.
Read it and pass it on.

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