Unlock the Power of Teamwork This Summer!

Hey everyone! 🌞 We have an exciting offer for June! Our Altus Team’s bestselling eBook, “Growing Groups into Teams,” is now on sale for just $3.99! ✨

This summer, we’re eager to share practical stories, strategies, perspectives, and wisdom to empower you and your team. Whether leading a new project or striving to enhance your team dynamics, this book equips you with the tools you need.

Why You Should Read This Book:

💬 What People Are Saying:

– “A must-read for people at all levels.”
– “This is the guide so many teams have needed.”
– “Practical advice and real-life examples helped me understand underlying issues and gave me concrete steps.”
– “This book advances the thinking and practice of building high-performing and inclusive teams with insightful perspectives and high expectations.”

🌟 Grab your copy now and transform your group into a thriving team!** You can find your copy HERE.

You can also learn from leaders by checking out our podcast, Missing Conversations.

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