What Do You Love About Your Colleagues?

What’s to love about your colleagues?

There is a challenge in a deeply divisive world for meeting and engaging people at work and relieving the distress of daily life.

Over my career, I’ve noticed that there’s been a place where I have come to love my colleagues and all that they are as human beings.

Over the years, I have begun to heed the call to explore what it means to love with respect and care for who each person is and what they bring to making life.
Engaging with others provides an intriguing opportunity to explore and achieve results together.

I offer the following poll to learn about what it means to love these people we spend so much time with each year.

I welcome your comments on how you have seen love through respect and care lift the people you work with for the sake of building together while being together on this journey; that is our career and our capacity to achieve what we cannot be alone.

As I observe my clients’ experience on several recent projects engagement, rich conversations provide powerful opportunities for uplift that improve life one day at a time.

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